Forget about traditional best practice. It is nowhere nearly powerful enough for the 2016 company.

NextTen will advise and train you on strategies, thinking and methods that will help you change how customer experience management is applied - forever!

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Why CX Mastery?

Few companies make CX work anywhere close to full potential. The numbers are shocking, yet only a few try to do things differently.

There is a need to master the strategies that will set you apart from 99% of organisations.  We will show you strategies that:

– Identify innovation opportunity that traditional best in class approaches misses.

– Deliver change in a fraction of the time previous generation approaches take.

– Are simple enough to understand and apply. Techniques need to be usable by the whole organisation not the highly trained few.

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How Big Is the CX Opportunity?

The world’s leading companies already make CX obsession fundamental. The best end-to-end CX programmes will impact every single performance KPI and deliver greater performance improvement than any other change initiative.

Do you want to see the opportunity figures?

How Well Are We Doing?

Deployment success is still poor. 82% of CX programmes significantly underperform or fail. This is an incredible opportunity – because most companies are not fully aware of total potential and missing out!

Do you want to know what is driving this underperformance?

What do we need to do differently?

There are a number of emerging strategies that we can adopt quite quickly to start to take advantage of new thinking and ideas.

Companies also need to find ways to make customer obsession central to their whole culture to maximise the impact of these new strategies.

How can we help you?

The first step is to sign-up to be part of the NextTen inner circle. It costs you nothing but it will help you to understand our value and show what we can achieve.

Most companies are missing out because they are not aware of the extent of the missed opportunity.



The NextTen Customer Experience Professional certification Programmes will give you  the most advanced thinking and techniques in the industry. We stay abreast of the latest thinking and also innovate to bring you value which can be applied immediately. Sign up to join our inner circle and learn what Advanced Customer Experience can do for you

Customer Experience workshops with a difference

All our workshops are built to deliver against the following critical success factors:
– You will identify opportunity which current “best in class” approaches fail to identify
– Results can be driven in a fraction of the time
– The methods are simple enough to apply to become usable by the whole organisation

Customise to Your Specific Requirements

If you need to take a larger number of your organisation through this thinking, then consider an in-house event.

We can tailor to your specific requirements, use specific industry case studies and in-house examples, as a means of accelerating meaningful change.

Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty Topics

Understand what CX leaders need to do to lead their markets. Customer Experience is a very wide ranging subject which touches every aspect of the organisation.

Look at the workshops topics we deliver in both public workshops and in-house events which include:

Sample Customer Experience Workshop Agenda

This workshop shows how 2016 CX leaders operate. We will examine the realities and the myths and will open you up to next generation strategies.

We will show you advanced Customer Journey Mapping techniques and you will learn predictive Successful customer Outcome techniques which are significantly more powerful than any VoC technique available.

Why Attend These Premier CX Workshops?

Designed for those seeking the latest advanced skills in Customer Experience Management and Innovation. You will never think about Customer Experience in the same way again.

We will show you the latest approaches in CX to take the practitioner to a completely new way of thinking

Workshop Tesimonials

We have received hundreds of testimonials for our lead coaches. We only use acknowledged Customer Experience thought leaders who have a track record of fantastic delivery.

Here are a cross section of the testimonials we have received:



NextTen Consulting Services delivers ”best in market” results. We set “the bar” high. We will identify opportunity in a fraction of time that other “big-house” consulting firms take. We look for rapid action delivery opportunity. We will leave you with an understanding of how we do it. You need to be totally self sufficient and not rely on our capability. Does this sound different to your typical consulting house. Of course it does. We are aligning to what you need rather than building services based around what can be charged. Try us out – we will always create a low risk Proof of Concept to demonstrate we can do what we claim.

Talk to us about what value we can offer if you find yourselves facing these challenges? \/
What Value Do We deliver?

We provide expert knowledge and assistance to create CX opportunity which your teams were not otherwise aware or assist solving the tougher problems faced by your teams. We can also accelerate, turn round and recover difficult change programmes.

How Relevant are these services to other types of change programme?

In short completely relevant! The concept of customer is not often sufficiently considered in the majority of change programmes. Any change programme can benefit massively from aligning to the concept of Successful Customer Outcome.

Where does NextTen typically assist?

We provide advisory and delivery assistance across a wide range of strategic and tactical CX challenges. We often start be orientating our customer teams with insight in what is possible which often changes the project framework to achieve considerably better outcomes.

Why NextTen? What makes us different?

There are plenty of CX organisations out there. We set ourselves apart by investing a significant proportion of our time staying abreast of the latest approaches but also innovating new approaches which can be directly applied back to the projects and programmes we participate.

How do we approach delivery of meaningful change?

We have significant expertise in project and programme delivery whether it be CX specific of more general business and IT programmes. Our managing consultants have many years of “best practice” programme. project and stakeholder management experience.

What subject matter areas does NextTen typically support

We assist across a wide variety of areas such as advising customer strategy, advanced journey mapping, replying an effective VoC strategy, selecting and implementing CRM systems, gap diagnostics.



  • 25 01-2016
    Introducing the pillars of customer experience mastery

    We are about to launch the blog series describing the pillars of customer experience mastery. This series of change thinking is designed to create the basis to take customer experience further than it has ever been taken before BUT...

  • 01 07-2015
    Introducing the Pillars of Customer Experience Mastery

    Introducing the pillars of customer experience mastery We are about to launch the blog series describing the pillars of customer experience mastery. This series of change thinking is designed to create the basis to take customer experience further than...



About Us

About Next Ten

NextTen is a thought leadership, training, advisory and change delivery company which specialises in Customer Experience. Everything we do is driven by the belief that the customer experience is going to be the number one driver of change over the next ten years – hence our name!

Head quartered in Hong Kong, we also have offices in London and Dubai, with plans to establish a presence in the United States shortly.

We operate differently to the traditional delivery model. Firstly, we draw from a mix of in-house and proven associates so everybody on a change team, without exception has significant expertise and experience. Secondly, we also use next practice approaches where needed – which is quite common. This industry is developing quickly but is in need of further change if it is going to live up to its undoubted promise.

We have in-depth experience across a number of industries including Finance, IT, Telecoms, Education, Government, Logistics and NGO’s.

Our Values

Customer Centricity
NextTen exists to serve our customers and their customers by providing a genuine added value through customer centric methods. All our structures, processes, strategies, performance measures and basic attitude have the customer at the centre.

Innovation is no longer the domain of the specialist or the “creative genius”. Creative excellence can be learnt and is almost always directly linked to a customer outcome. We therefore use new techniques to uncover innovative opportunity both for our customers and within our own company, that the customers themselves may not even be aware of.

Everybody claims integrity but sadly too few companies consistently demonstrate it in everything they do. Rather than focus on the outputs we create around products and services, we focus on the outcome. Our business relationships are not transactional – we will try to deliver you value even if you are not formally yet our client.


This means we are prepared to go the extra distance. We focus on not just achieving expectation but exceeding it. This means we give you extra, over and above what you paid for.

We truly are interested in the subject – that is why we do what we do. This goes beyond money, status and success. It means we have a genuine interest in taking our approaches to the next level which is demonstrated by our continuing quest for knowledge and on going improvement to the outcomes we deliver our customers.

Meet the Team

Charles Bennett
Chief Executive Officer

Charles-Bennett-PresentingA leading international expert in customer experience management. I work for companies looking to take currently accepted best practice and emerging next practice into their organisations. I use my specialist skills as a programme and project director, world class trainer and coach, BPM expert, change management specialist and mentor to organisations in making strategic decisions.

My approach is hands-on and dynamic and designed to enhance conventional thinking in my specialist subject areas. I always look for ways to help organisations to boost their performance by placing the customer at the core of every aspect of the business. Blending traditional best practice with emerging, but proven, next practice approaches leads to significant and measurable improvements in business growth, market share and competitive advantage over even those who claim a customer experience pedigree!

I am an authentic, inspirational business leader who can energize both organisations and individuals. I am frequently invited as a key note speaker or chairman at events all over the world speaking on strategic and operational issues around customer centricity and business process management.

Key areas of expertise:

Customer Experience Management. An acknowledged thought leader & expert on customer centricity.

Project and Programme Management. The effective delivery of high profile business projects, programmes and workstreams with benefits realisation of more than 500 million USD in benefits.

Business Process Management. A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & Certified Process Master.

Change Management. The development & implementation of effective transformational change strategies that boost business performance.

Business Development. The identification, negotiation and successful delivery of more than a 100 profitable consultancy assignments with individual values of up to $6 million USD.

More about Charles >


Dr Osman Khan
Executive Vice President – Learning & Development


Dr. Osman Khan is acknowledged as one of the world’s leadiOsman Khanng experts in Customer Experience Management and Customer Loyalty. He has over fifteen years of experience working with companies to improve their business performance. His main areas of expertise are in Customer Experience Management, Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction, Emotional Attachment, B2B Marketing, Social Media and Strategic Marketing.

He has worked with numerous companies across the globe as a consultant, trainer, researcher and as a member of the marketing team. His past experience include working as a Marketing Director at a high-tech IT firm, consulting for multinational mobile operators from Europe and the Middle East, as well as helping firms within the UK and USA in improving customer loyalty, increasing sales, and reassessing strategic marketing goals.

Osman has an MBA and a PhD in Marketing (Bradford). He has recently published three books on CEM, and Customer Loyalty at the European Centre for Best Practice Management. He is also on the Judging panel for the UK Customer Experience Award, UK Customer Service Training Award and the Theme Park & Visitor Attraction Award. Moreover, he is actively engaged in conducting research and consulting work in the areas of CEM and Emotional Loyalty Management. He is on the editorial board of four international journals, as well as on the board of directors of three international firms (two based in the United Kingdom and one in Brazil).

More about Dr Osman >


RobinRobertsRobin Roberts
Chief Operating Officer

Robin is an experienced business leader with an extensive background in technology, business management and change consulting. Most recently he was a Partner and the Business Development Director of a Hong Kong based consultancy working with clients in telecommunications, information technology and digital media to develop superior marketing and business development strategies and to improve operational performance and customer service through the application of best-practice processes and leading-edge technologies. His expertise and consulting activities includes running “heavy duty” change management teams, corporate strategy, strategic marketing and business development, technology/vendor selection and implementation project management.

Earlier, Robin was an executive with over 22 years experience in the wireless telecommunications industry, including over 13 years in Asia-Pacific. His career traverses leadership roles in research and development, systems engineering, software engineering management, network deployment/support, product management, marketing, customer and partner training, business development and consultative sales.

He is also an experienced quality management (6-sigma, QFD, SEI-CMM) and organizational change (BPM) practitioner. Prior to his period in Asia-Pacific, Robin worked in the United States and has done projects across North America and in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

More about Robin >


GauravGargGaurav Garg
Executive Vice President – Strategy

A Futurist with a passion for innovation with emerging technologies, incubating new ideas, building a supporting ecosystem and steering proof of concepts to production. I write about today’s innovations created from past experience that are shaping the future.

I am also a versatile Senior Manager with more than 18 years of experience including 8 years in IT consulting. Excellent general management and team leadership skills developed working internationally (Europe, US and Asia Pacific). Experienced change program / line / product manger. Proven ability to create vision, set direction, mobilize resources & manage risk effectively to consistently realize positive outcomes. Culturally & politically sensitive whilst successfully operating at Board level.

Innovation Management
Team Management
Relationship Management
Strategy Setting
Product / Program Management

More about Gaurav >


RogerWardRoger Ward
Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director

Roger is a highly experienced Financial Services Change Specialist with a background in process optimisation and customer-oriented solution development in relation to Payments, Cash & Treasury Management, Trade & Supply Chain, Electronic Commerce and Market Trading. Before that he spent 30 years as an international banker with senior roles at HSBC, Chemical Bank and Standard Chartered. These tenures led to directorships of SWIFT (UK) and

He is a skilled ‘translator’ between customers/clients & product/service providers facilitating & optimising the interaction between business & relationship management, sales/ operational/ product management & technologists.

UK Representative G40 (CLS), Member of the SWIFT Trade Services Working Group & high profile promoter, facilitator, supporter & manager of various market-changing electronic banking & commerce initiatives.

An effective Vendor/Partner manager & successful developer of client-need oriented business solutions bringing together business, operational & technology partners to deliver effective products/services. Valuable experience as both a buyer and a vendor of solutions & involvement in banking sector initiatives has supported a wide contact network with ‘market’ credibility and open access. All this is supported by a further background in Marketing – previously a member of the Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Roger has vast direct business, development, sales, relationship management consulting and teaching experience across Asia & Pacific, Europe and North American regions involving solutions and deliverables for Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions, Corporate, Technology & Service Providers. An experienced seminar, conference presenter at high profile events run by SWIFT, TMA, USCIB/AFP etc and developer/deliverer of knowledge transfer materials in the banking, corporate & technology sectors. A frequent contributor to financial sector oriented publications and speaker and commercial conferences.

More about Roger >


Jason-EdlinJason Edlin
Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director

Partner for NextTen Australia and a Senior Management Consultant for The Frame Group, Jason is a highly experienced change consultant, trainer and coach with substantial business process and operational improvement experience. As a process change thought leader he is qualified trainer in numerous methodologies including Certified Process Manager,Jason-Edlin Certified Process Master and previously Certified Process Professional Master. A Six Sigma Black belt, Jason is competent in a range of process modelling software and techniques including ARIS and BPMN.

With a strong Financial Services background in credit, banking, wealth and insurance, Jason also has extensive experience across government ( Health, Education, Defence), and in the corporate sector and has consulting expertise in Business Process Management, Transformation and Integration and the application of Customer Centric/ Outside-In methodologies across a variety of corporate, local and federal government entities.

Jason is passionate about enhancing the customer experience to drive process change, reduce costs and improve revenue. His varied multi-industry background is key to bringing together best practice innovation from other markets as well as driving next practice thinking to create market leadership.

Specialties: Business Process Change, Customer Centric thinking, Customer Journeys, Customer Experience Mapping, Change Management, Business Transformation, Facilitation, Training, Coaching and General business management.

More about Jason >

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